Sohn Conference SF

San Francisco

The Sohn San Francisco Investment Conference brings together some of the world’s top investors and prominent thinkers from Wall Street, Silicon Valley and everywhere in between. The speakers have generously agreed to share their time and ideas to support the Excellence in Investing for Children’s Causes Foundation and its beneficiaries. Inspired by and patterned after the Sohn Investment Conference, the event is the premiere Bay Area investor gathering of portfolio managers, private investors and asset allocators of all levels seeking the insights and expertise of highly successful investors.

The Next Wave Sohn San Francisco Panel, sponsored by BTIG, is held from 12:30 – 2:00 PM, before the Sohn Conference San Francisco convenes. Now in its fifth year, the Next Wave Sohn San Francisco is an engaging panel discussion with select emerging money managers, offering attendees a chance to hear fresh perspectives and ideas from tomorrow’s financial leaders.


Day 1
16 Oct 2019

Registration Opens

Badge pick-up will be available for pre-registered attendees. Limited on-site registration may be available.

Next Wave – Sponsored by BTIG

Short presentations and general discussions by a panel of talented emerging managers.
Christopher Weldon
Raj Venkatesan
Touk Sinantha
Stephen Perkins

Sohn Conference General Session

Eminent investors, academicians, and other thought leaders share their investment ideas and market outlook in a series of intimate twenty minute presentations.
Mark W. Yusko
Mike Wilkins
Gil Simon
Myron Scholes
Kevin Oram
Kevin Oram
Michael McLochlin
Debbie McCoy
Carl M. Kawaja
Glen Kacher
Adam Fisher
Connor Browne

Cocktail Reception

A lively networking session with speakers and attendees. Appetizers and drinks available.